I'm 17 Years Old With Adhd


Asked by Nishi

I'm 17 Years Old With Adhd

i have troubles focusing in class and when i'm trying to study for exams i always end up studying for over 5 hours because i space out a lot i try as hard as i can but it just happens and sometimes i get super hyper and i do weird stuff and sometimes i laugh loud for no reason for like a min or 2 uncontrollably and i used to get A's but after the focusing thing i started getting D's and C's and sometimes i act so weird like the way i sit is so weird

and how i always get distracted

and sometimes when i'm talking to someone to my friends on msn

i brb to pee but i end up forgetting that i was talking to them and i just go out and look at the sky and space out

is there anything that can help my situation? is there like a medicine that can help? it's my last year in high school and i need good grades so answer as fast as you can please thank you for your time


Hi Nishi

It really would be impossible for anyone here to tell you if you have ADHD or not. But if you suspect that ADHD may be causing some of your symptoms it is definitely worth investigating. Here is what I would suggest. Keep a log of all your symptoms such as your distractibility and inability to focus. You can then take your list with you to either your primary care physician or you can ask to speak with your school counselor. This will get the ball rolling as far as an official diagnosis and possible treatment.

Have you brought up this isssue with your parents. They need to know of your difficulties especially in school.

If this is ADHD...you can take heart that there are effective treatments for this. Please let us know how things go for you. I wish you the best of luck.

Answered by Merely Me