I Am 65 Years Old And Diagnosed With Osteopenia(early Stages Of Osteoporosis)


Asked by Maria theodorou

I Am 65 Years Old And Diagnosed With Osteopenia(early Stages Of Osteoporosis)

I am a 65 years old woman who was recently diagnosed with very early stages of osteoporosis (osteopenia).My doctor informed me about this new intravenous yearly injected treatment but he was not quite informative about it.Please I would like to know what this treatment is about, what are the side effects and is it safe?In the early stages are there any other treatments like calcium and vitamin D to help things getting worse?


Hi Marie, welcome and thanks for your question. There are two possibilities for intravenous injection for the treatment of osteopenia. Reclast and Boniva . Reclast is given once yearly, and Boniva is given quarterly. Read the links above on both so you have a better idea of the benefits and risk of both. With all medications there are side effects, but some experience them more than others and it's impossible to tell how you'll do. Many here post that they don't have any problems and many post that they do. On the two above links you can look through all the literature from how it works to side effects. If you can't find the links to the questions you have try the FAQs page on each and also "search" the page using that feature and enter your question in there. It's better to use one or two words when searching these documents. Make sure you read the Important Safety Information on each drug.

If you aren't sure you want to try either of these, please discuss this with your doctor. Ultimately the decision is yours. Some doctors don't prescribe osteo meds to those with osteopenia, but it depends on your doctors rationale on this, and your current percentage on fracture risk.

You need to be fully informed and if you can't get that from your doctor then you'll have to do some reading on both of these options.

Vitamin D, calcium and some other bone-specific vitamins and weight bearing exercise will help certainly. The only problem with this is we don't know how much it will help, but we do know it does.

See if you can't get more info from your doctor, or ask him/her for a pamphlet on both of the drugs so you can read that too.

Good luck and if you have another question just post again.

Answered by Pam Flores