17 Years Old And Im Having Impotence Problems


Asked by raptors23

17 Years Old And Im Having Impotence Problems

im 17 years old and i started being sexually active with my girlfriend maybe 2 months ago...the very first time she gave me a handjob i couldn't stay hard at all and then she started giving me a blowjob because that wasn't working and that didn't work either...now 2 months later and i'm still having the same problem...we will be doing stuff and fooling around and i'll get sort of hard and then all the sudden when she starts giving me a handjob i just go limp...the very first time we tried this i can remember thinking just hold it don't let it happen right away...well i think i started getting a little worried when it wasn't happening and got all worked up about it...now i cant help but think about it every time we do it and im thinking that might have something to do with it...thats one theory....my other theory is that ive been watching porn and masturbating for god knows how long now and i hope i just didnt reach that point where nothing works but my own hand in front of the computer...please someone help me out here its got me so worried and really upset...im 17 years old and i'd rather not be on pills for the rest of my life...oh and that reminds me, i also have been on medication for my acne...could that have something to do with it?


You can easily google your acne medication and go to a reputable site and read up on ED issues to see if they were ever reported as a side effect of the drug.

In terms of what you are complaining of - if it's not the drug - we do typicallys ee ED issues in young people who are having mixed feelings about sex, or who have masturbated and then try and switch to sex with a partner and have "issues" for all kinds of emotional reasons. Then performance anxiety can develop. I would make sure that you are really ready to have sex and if you have any concerns- why not enjoy the "precursors to actual sex" like heavy petting and exploration without putting the end all goal as actual sex. You can do that for awhile and see if getting repeatedly aroused without a "defined sex goal" helps you to feel less likely to have ED issues - you may find getting hard repeatedly without sex helpful. Just remember to use a condom if you have sex to protect yourself from STDs and to prevent a pregnancy in your partner. Remember to ask about your partner's sex history since you can get herpes from oral sex.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.