I'm 22 and Have a red Splotch on my Breast. Am I OK?


Asked by sheepsy

22 Years Old, Small Red Splotch On Side Of Breast, Really Freaked Out.

I am 22 years old. Last night I noticed a small red splotch on the side of my left breast, it looks like a really light hickey and it's about the size of an eraser head, or a little bit bigger than that. And it still looks the same size today. This morning when I was lying down flat on the bed, my left nipple was sunk in while it was contracted. I was able to push it back out and it hasn't done that again today, but needless to say it has freaked me out.

Today I went to the surgeon's office to get my right breast checked out because I noticed a tiny bump in my breast that hurt whenever I pressed on it, and I have been feeling soreness and discomfort on both sides of my breast. The doctor told me I'm experiencing fibrocystic changes in my breast and it's nothing to worry about. I asked him about the splotch and he examined it and didn't seem concerned. He also didn't feel any lumps in my left breast, or see any on the ultrasound I had done 3 weeks ago.

I know I had a professional look at the splotch, but I'm just really scared. My nipple had never done that before and I keep watching it like a hawk and feeling it. I know about inflammatory breast cancer. And I know not every rash that appears on your breast is IBC. I've also been feeling random pains in my left breast and nipple, but I don't know if that's my mind playing tricks on me, or if it's actually real.

When I press it, the skin hurts, and the patch gets lighter. Then when I release it, it goes back to the red color. It also doesn't hurt when I leave it alone, only when I press the skin.

I have been very stressed out with all these new symptoms I've been having that I've never felt before in my life. I'm just really worried and freaked out right now.


I'm sorry you're so stressed by this; fear definitely does a number on your mind. You've done the right thing, seeing a doctor and getting checked out. Since the doctor has decided there's nothing to worry about, you have two choices: believe him, and do your best to de-stress; or ask for a referral for a second opinion, preferably from a breast specialist.

That said, unless that splotch gets noticeably worse (larger, rough, painful); or your breast swells; or your nipple retracts permanently, there's really nothing else a doctor can do, since the standard tests have already been done. You might ask for a mammogram, though that will put you at risk, too; you want to try to avoid any more radiation (X-rays) than absolutely necessary.

So at some point, you'll have to figure out a way to deal with this anxiety, and move on with your life, OK? Best of luck - PJH

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