Years Of Random Fatigue, Muscle Weakness, Twitching And Pain That's Getting Worse


Asked by marie720

Years Of Random Fatigue, Muscle Weakness, Twitching And Pain That's Getting Worse

I have experienced random bouts of extreme tiredness, muscle weakness and minor twitching for many years. It's not a consistent occurance or anything I can predict. I just have times where I am suddenly not well and then it passes. Recently it has gotten worse with slurred speech being the first problem. It has not gotten better but it also isn't consistent. I can feel my mouth get heavy when it happens and have the most problem with S or TH words. I've had a hoarse voice a few times without any throat pain but only for short periods and my mouth just feels tired after simply talking sometimes. I have more twitching, shaking, and weakness in my muscles, and my fingers twitch as well this time around. I think my head is twitching slightly which hasn't happened the other times. I have found myself standing or walking funny lately but I don't necessarily feel dizzy, just unsteady. I am dropping things or setting them down harder than I intend to. For years I have had to go to the bathroom all the time..right after I just went because I don't go all the way the first time. I just don't or can't empty my bladder the first time ever. That is not new.

I feel very uncomfortable in my own body and my family thinks I may have MS, but I called my doctor and had an MRI which came back normal. Is what I am mentioning familiar to others with MS?


Hi Marie720,

I'm sorry that you are experiencing so many different symptoms and do not have any answers so far. My non-medical response to your post is that many of these symptoms can be caused by MS. However, MS is also a disease which can mimic other diseases, so diagnosing it can be challenging.

When your doctor ordered the MRI, was it done on both the brain and cervical spine? Was it done with an injection of a contrast agent (gadolinium) in a vein? If you answered no to either question, then further MRI testing might give better results.

There are also cases where a person can be diagnosed with MS without MRI lesions. It is not as common, but is possible. You may want to consult with a neurologist who specializes in MS. (That's what I would do.)



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