Are Yeast Infections And Boils Related?


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Are Yeast Infections And Boils Related?

Are yeast infections and boils related in any way, through the same fungus or bacteria? What are their implications, if any, for diabetics?


A yeast infection is caused by the fungus known as Candida Albicans and boils are most commonly caused by the bacteria Staphylococci.

I recently wrote an article about yeast infections which you may find here.

It does seem that people with diabetes are more prone to getting both yeast infections and boils. Their vaginal secretions contain more glucose (sugar) due to higher amounts of sugar in the blood. Yeast cells are nourished by this extra glucose and tend to overgrow. Yeast infections can be a sign that your diabetes isn't well controlled. You should ask your doctor about this.

And The American Diabetes Association has this to say about boils:

"Skin abscesses, also known as boils, are more common in people with uncontrolled diabetes. They are usually caused by bacteria, typically Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus, but the abscesses can also be caused by other bacteria. For example, MRSA (methyl-resistant Staph aureus) is a dangerous bacteria that can initially look like a boil. It is important that the boils be evaluated by a health care provider and the right antibiotic prescribed. You can develop blood infections from untreated abscesses. Staph is the most common cause of infections at insulin pump needle sites."

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