Yoga Mat Hygiene Essentials


Cold and flu season is upon us, and you may think your daily Vinyasas will protect you, but actually your daily yoga practice could have a negative effect.

Do you like to kick up the sweat factor in the winter with some hot yoga classes? All of that sweat is being absorbed by your mat, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria

You might not have known this, but….

Indeed, all of those sweaty sessions are taking a toxic toll on your trustee mat.  But don’t sweat it – this can easily be solved with this DIY yoga mat cleaner.  It combines the natural anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil with the disinfecting properties of vinegar to keep your mat in fine form.

Use the cleaner after every yoga session, and once a month, toss your mat in a front-load only washer and dryer. Never a top load machine, since this will essentially eat your yoga mat.