Yogurt Eaters Have Smaller Waists

A new analysis of previous studies has found that people who eat yogurt have slimmer waists, although the researchers stop short of saying yogurt alone is the reason.

The scientists reviewed 22 studies, 13 of which included a comparison of people's yogurt consumption. That research found that those who ate more yogurt weighed less or had a healthier body composition. with less body fat and smaller waists.

The reasons for this could be because yogurt is packed with nutrients and that can contribute to feelings of fullness. Yogurt consumers also tend to eat healthier, incorporating more fruits and whole grains to their diet while avoiding bad foods like processed or fried foods. They also tend to be more active and are less likely to smoke.

But none of the studies has been done in a way that proves that eating yogurt is responsible for the positive results. The researchers said more study is needed to determine the effects of yogurt alone, especially with all the different types of yogurt now on the market.

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Sourced from: Reuters, People who eat more yogurt have smaller waists