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It's natural that one of the topics we often discuss here is the various symptoms associated with migraine attacks. This is, after all, a migraine site, and there are so many different possible symptoms.

There are possible prodrome symptoms, aura symptoms, headache phase symptoms, and postdrome symptoms. There's allodynia, aphasia, hemiplegia, nausea, neck pain, photophobia, phonophobia, paresthesia, scotoma, and many more. Not only can the symptoms vary from one person to the next, one person's symptoms can vary from one migraine attack to the next.

I've written to list and explain migraine symptoms and to report when there's research about specific symptoms. Now, it's time to hear from all of you about migraine symptoms because it's so helpful to know about what other migraineurs experience.

Since sharing our experiences with migraine symptoms is so valuable, I'm making a special project out of it. As an added incentive to encourage everyone to share, one person who shares will receive a $50 Amazon gift card from me. Here's how it works:

  • Tell us what your most severe migraine symptom is by clicking on the button below to add a comment.
  • On March 15, 2016, I'll write the names of the people who have commented to share about their most severe migraine symptom on slips of paper, put them in a jar, and have my husband draw one. That person will receive the $50 Amazon gift card. I'll contact that person to get their address and send the gift card.
  • I'll then be taking what you shared and creating a slideshow tentatively titled "Migraine Patients Reveal Their Worst Symptoms. It will be similar to 14 Migraine Prodrome Symptoms except the text will be taken from what you wrote.

So, think about your migraine symptoms. Which one is the most severe and debilitating? For many of us, it's not the headache. If you want to review potential migraine symptoms, check out the links below. I hope you'll leave a comment below and share about your most severe migraine symptom and help make this community project a huge success.

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