10 Yr Old With Belly Pains


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10 Yr Old With Belly Pains

My 10 yr old son keeps saying his belly hurts. Just above his belly button. This happens mostly at night just before supper. Also he is saying he feels like something is stuck in his throat.I took him to the ER the other night and after x-rays, bloodwork, and urine, they found he had a uti and put him on amoxi. But I think there is something more.



When the medication is finished, take your son to his primary care doctor for follow up. It is important to make sure the infection has resolved. At the same time, you can talk to the doctor about his symptoms and figure out a plan of action.

He could be having gas pains related to the medication or to his diet. He could also have some Acid Reflux. Again, make sure to discuss all of his symptoms with his PCP.

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Answered by Jan Gambino