13 Yr Old Blood Pressure 120/80 Is This Ok


Asked by phyllis

13 Yr Old Blood Pressure 120/80 Is This Ok


Hello phyllis,

As I bet you know, 120/80 is the goal blood pressure for adults. However, children's goal blood pressures are somewhat different than those for adults.

Goals for blood pressures in kids change significantly depending on age and height. For instance, the average BP for a 5 year old is in the 90s/50s. But for a 17 year old, bp should be just about the same as an adult.

To answer your question specifically, blood pressure for a 13 year old, according to national institutes of health, averages about 108/62. An individual reading of 120/80 for a 13 year old is likely insignificant. Should your child continue to have BP readings that remain high for their age, you should discuss them with your pediatrician, who knows your child's health best.

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Neil MD