Can 52 Yr Old Get Pregnant?


Asked by Donna

Can 52 Yr Old Get Pregnant?

I have been on the BC Pill for 7 years and stopped over two months ago, no period and now at the age of 52 1/2, having severe hot flashes, on Femhrt for three weeks still with night sweats wondering if I can become pregnant at this age ? So far no periods, felt like it, with headache but nothing as yet. I know I am not pregnant but I would like to know if I need to have partner use condoms ?


Never say never, but it is highly unlikely that you could be pregnant at 52. It sounds like you probably bridged some of the earlier signs of menopause by being on the pill and now are starting to have some of those symptoms. You may still get periods. However, it's also not unusual for women, after menopause, to still feel like a period is coming, but then nothing happens. The best way to know that you are past fertility and don't need to worry about condoms is to have your doctor draw a follicle stimulating hormone test (FSH). The results will give you the answer.

Good luck, Sandy

Answered by Sandy Greenquist