My 12 Yr. Old Son Has Vomiting/ Nausea For 1 Year. Recently Developed A Bald Spot.


Asked by Angela

My 12 Yr. Old Son Has Vomiting/ Nausea For 1 Year. Recently Developed A Bald Spot.

My 12 year old son has been having vomiting and nausea spells off and on for about a year. He has been sent home about 2/3 times a month from school because of it. There is no fever or any other symptoms other than sometimes a headache. The pediatrician always thinks it is a virus, but again, no fever, and it comes and goes very quickly. I can't pinpoint any particular thing he eats that causes it. Last summer he had blood tests done to see if there was a bacterial infection in his intestine, but that came back negative. Now, in the past 3 weeks, he has develpoed a bald spot about 2" diameter on top of his head. He was tested for ringworm but the initial test was negative. Another test is still running, and he is on medication for ringworm while we wait for that. Other seemingly unrelated symptoms include low muscle tone, poor coordination, and a recently noted very slight unevenness of his shoulder blades. Could any of these things be related, and if so what could it be? What type of specialist should we take him to for further testing?


Have you heard of cyclic vomiting syndrome? Here's a link to read about and to see if you think it fits his symptoms:

I could not find anything linking the vomiting with the hair loss but hair loss can happen with vitamin deficiencies but fungal infections are more likely in 12 year old boys which is most likely what they are looking for.

The clumsiness, low muscle tone and shoulder blade differences could be related in that many of us with low muscle tone (myself included) have a lot of GI issues related to poor mobility through the GI system as the muscle tone is low throughout the gut as well. I'm sure he doesn't want to discuss it with you but you may want to ask him about his bowels. Often times people with low tone are prone to develop constipation which can lead to issues farther up the chain.

Has he had his scoliosis check yet? At 12 he's likely to be beginning a growth spurt which could mean he's working on scoliosis which is also more common in people who are low tone. His pediatrician should be able to do a quick screen for this and send you to get x-rays if the screen is positive.

Good luck - Stephanie

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