Im 27yrs Taking Methotraxate,hcqs And Saaz.


Asked by Nani

Im 27yrs Taking Methotraxate,hcqs And Saaz.

I'm taking methotraxate 10mg per week,SAAz one tab per day and HCQS 200mg per day.every month i do some lab tests. this is the first time my RA factor got Nagative.before it was very high,its about 500. is it controlled now? can i stopped the medicine? how many months do i have to wait after stopping the medication? when can i have a baby now?


None of the users who answer questions here are doctors, but other people who live with RA and answer questions as best they can based on their own experience and whatever knowledge they've managed to pick up. And truly, educating yourself about your disease and the medication you're on is one of your best weapons in living well with RA. Knowledge is power when you have a chronic illness.

As others have mentioned, RA is indeed a chronic illness and that means it cannot be cured. You may go into remission, but usually only as long as you're on medication. In terms of getting pregnant, be very, very careful not to conceive while you're on methotrexate - it causes severe birth defects, so make sure you use two kinds of contraception when you have sex. If you do want to try to have a baby, speak to your rheumatologist about what to do while you're trying to conceive. Usually, it means you have to go off your medication and be off it for a certain amount of time so the medication is out of your system before you start trying to have a baby. To deal with symptoms while you're trying to get pregnant, many doctors will prescribe prednisone, as it's pretty safe for pregnant women. Many women do go into remission while pregnant, although their RA usually comes back about 6-8 weeks after birth.

We are planning a new area here on MyRACentral focusing on pregnancy and parenting and it will launch in September, so keep an eye out for that as it may be information there that you can use.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW