Is Your Asthma Controlled? Take the Test

Answer a few simple questions to better understand if your asthma is under control or if you need another treatment regimen to reign in your symptoms and protect your lungs from permanent damage.

Can You Bust 10 Mold Allergy Myths?

There are a lot of stories about mold, but it’s hard to tell which are fact and which are fiction. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of mold and its effects on allergies and health. What you learn may surprise you. The information in this quiz wa...

Is your child's school asthma friendly?

Asthma is the most common chronic illness in America’s schoolchildren and the rates continue to rise. Find out if your school is prepared to meet the needs of asthmatic students.

How Severe Is Your Asthma?

There are generally four levels of asthma severity and which one you fall into is a major factor is how your asthma should be treated. Find out how severe your asthma may be.Adapted from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Do you know what your asthma medicine does?

LABA, SABA, Corticosteroid, Leukotriene modifier, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory - WHEW! There are several kinds of asthma medication and they each do different things. Do you know what your medicine does and how to use it" Get the facts here.

American Celebrities With Asthma

Did you know that many prominent actors, athletes, scholars and leaders have suffered with asthma throughout history" See if you know who these celebrities with asthma are.&scAcircsc&sciumlsc&scfrac34sc&sciumlsc&scfrac34scï¾ ...

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