Chris Kliesmet (HeartHawk)

Patient Expert

Chris Kliesmet, also known as HeartHawk, is a heart health activist and former patient expert writer for HealthCentral. As a heart disease sufferer with many family members lost to the disease, Chris specialized in topics within heart health, including medication, prevention, and testing. He has written for other community sites such as, and wrote for his own blog, HEARTHAWK: Your Heart Health Eye in the Sky. (Photo: University of Wisconsin)

Latest by Chris Kliesmet (HeartHawk)

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How to Avoid a Heart Incident While Vactioning on a Cruise Ship

I love cruise ship vacationing and generally take at least one cruise per year. Having traveled with virtually every major cruise line I have had several discussions with heart disease prevention professionals and patient groups about vacationing or ...

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Home Blood Spot Testing: A Giant Leap in Self-Directed Healthcare

Do any of these situations sound familiar? You just finished a weeklong vacation and yet you are completely exhausted and cannot figure out why. You just started a new diet or exercise program, or perhaps you started or changed the dosage of a nutrit...

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Heart Disease, Thyroid Disease, and Statins: New Links, New Solutions

It should be no secret that heart disease is inextricably linked to thyroid disease, especially hypothyroidism caused by such maladies as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (a condition I suffer from). A recent study of 25,000 people recently published in the A...

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Blood Pressure Facts and Myths: A Heart Health Consumer Guide

We have heard it all before, “High blood pressure causes heart disease.” The guidelines and treatments for high blood pressure (BP) have become so ingrained and commonplace that we take it for granted that it is being treated properly. But, like most ...

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Don't Let "Good" Cholesterol Numbers Fool You into Poor Heart Health

It seems that almost every day I read a new article about how to “aggressively” treat people who are considered high-risk for heart attack. These bold new programs profess to attack heart disease from every angle or teach you how to start your own “M...

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Heart Disease Prevention + Treatment: Get the Right Tests and Know Your Options

I remember when I was first introduced to the concept of heart plaque. I thought, “Plaque, isn’t that the stuff on your teeth?” Since then I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with pioneering heart disease prevention and reversal like cardi...