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Skin Health

Treating Calluses, Boils, Corns, and Warts

Four common problems that usually affect the skin of the foot can also appear anywhere on the body.

Woman at gynecological visit

How Do I Find a Great Gynecologist?

On the hunt for a stellar gynecologist? Here are all the factors you should consider.

Patient talking with OB-GYN.

The Most Common Concerns About Vaginal Health, According to an OB-GYN

How well do you know your own vagina? Alyssa Dweck, M.D., an obstetrician-gynecologist and author, addresses some of the most common worries women may have.

Woman swim training.

My 4 Biggest Psoriasis Triggers

Psoriasis triggers are different for everyone. These are the four that cause me flares almost every time, including swimming, hot showers, and alcohol.

Doctor talking with patient.

Can Doctors Measure Psoriasis Severity?

There are several measurements doctors use to categorize the severity of your psoriasis. But do they look at all the variables?

Man using a laptop at night

Can Porn Negatively Impact Your Life?

In today’s world, pornography can be accessed with a few clicks. How does this help or hurt us?

Man using a lint roller on his pants.
Living With

11 Must Have Items for Psoriasis

Check out these items everyone with psoriasis can benefit from. Do you have any other suggestions? Share them on our Facebook page.

girls in kayaks at summer camp image

Tips on Sending a Child with Psoriasis to Camp

If you haven’t lived with psoriasis yourself, you may not be aware of the difficulties your child could experience at summer camp.

Kyle smith with characters from the movie Star Wars.

One Man’s Journey with Testicular Cancer

Most people who have cancer won’t encounter it until much later in life, but testicular cancer is different — a male is at risk for it as early as 15 years old.

Male patient consulting with a doctor

What Causes Pain During Sex or Urination for Men?

Aside from STDs, there are other conditions that can cause pain during sex or urination for men.