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Tips on Sending a Child with Psoriasis to Camp

If you haven’t lived with psoriasis yourself, you may not be aware of the difficulties your child could experience at summer camp.

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One Man’s Journey with Testicular Cancer

Most people who have cancer won’t encounter it until much later in life, but testicular cancer is different — a male is at risk for it as early as 15 years old.

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What Causes Pain During Sex or Urination for Men?

Aside from STDs, there are other conditions that can cause pain during sex or urination for men.

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Chronic Life

How to Manage Multiple Illnesses

Have you been newly diagnosed with multiple illnesses? Check out these tips on how to live a thriving life while managing multiple diseases.

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Guy Anthony’s Story: Life After HIV Diagnosis and Sexual Abuse

One man tells the story of how he turned a difficult past of sexual abuse and an HIV diagnosis into a life of advocacy.

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Living With

Learn the truth behind pregnancy and psoriasis

Check out these facts about psoriasis and pregnancy.

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How Does Sex Affect Your Heart Health?

Check out these statements on sex and the heart to determine if they are true or false.

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How to Prevent Miscommunication between Your Doctors

Here are some tips to make communication between your doctors a bit smoother.

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Can Bathing in Bleach Help With Skin Infections?

Adding a small amount of bleach into bath water may provide some relief for those with skin infections and conditions.

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Henrietta Lacks and Her Impact on Cervical Cancer

Less than 75 years ago, a woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer died from it — but today, she wouldn’t have to.