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4 Men Share Inspiring Stories With Psoriasis

Check out these outspoken guys with psoriasis who aren't afraid to share their stories, and get their advice for living well with psoriasis.

Applying moisturizer to prevent a psoriasis flare.

How to Stay Ahead of Psoriasis Flares

Don't let psoriasis flares catch you by surprise. Here are helpful suggestions to stop or reduce them before they start.

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Alternative Treatment

Ways to Naturally Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the best natural approaches to treating erectile dysfunction, also called impotence.

Starting a New Psoriasis Treatment

Starting a New Psoriasis Treatment

When a current drug fails or it’s time to switch up your treatment, these tips can help make the transition smoother.

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7 Benefits of Sex for Men

Here are some real health benefits of sex for men that may surprise you.

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Psoriasis vs. Eczema: What's the Difference?

Can you tell these two conditions apart? Psoriasis and eczema may look similar, but they're very different conditions. Here's how to spot the difference.

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Unique Issues for Dark Skin

Skin diseases on dark skin look very different from those with lighter skin tones due to different amounts of melanin these skin types produced. Melanin is responsible for differences in skin color, and while it provides benefits to dark skin such as ...

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Can You Correctly Guess These STD's?

Did you know that more than half of all people will be infected with an STD at some point in their life? Or that STDs can be traced to basically 30 forms of bacteria, viruses, and parasites? The Center for Disease Control recently provided new inform...

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Skin Conditions and Emotional Health

5 methods to help yourself or those you love manage the strain.

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10 Things You Should Know Before Signing Up for a Clinical Trial

Over the past decade the variety and effectiveness of treatments for psoriasis has increased tremendously. We have gone from topicals that address the condition’s symptoms to, for example, drugs such as biologics that target the cause. This means tha...