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Are Your MS Treatments Working?

Are you happy with your MS treatment? Take this quiz to make sure all your symptoms are being effectively addressed.

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How to Tell a Mole from Melanoma

Skin checks are an important part of finding and treating skin cancer early. Many people notice some changes but wait several months before making an appointment with a dermatologist either because they want to see if there are further changes or bec...

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New to Medicare? 6 Things to Know

Signing up for the first time can be tricky, especially if you are not already receiving Social Security benefits. Here are six important things to know.

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How to Pick the Best Health Plan

Deciding which health plan is best for you and your family is not easy. Here’s what you need to know.

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Win a $99 Personal Training System!

Five lucky readers will win a PEAR training system.

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5 Steps to Prevent and Manage Your Child’s Allergies

Stay indoors on windy days during the pollen season, and don’t allow your child to play in fields with flowers and tall grass.

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Keeping Kids Happy with Allergies

This might be difficult when the weather is nice, but sometimes the best way to treat allergy symptoms is to avoid allergens to begin with. So when the pollen count starts to rise, try to keep your kids indoors as much as possible.

Doctor answering a patient's questions about chronic hives.
Doctor & Patient

What Allergists Know About Chronic Hives

If you're struggling to understand chronic idiopathic urticaria, this Q&A with Dr. David Khan can help shed some light on your condition.

Fit & Pregnant: A Guide to Exercising Safely

Fit & Pregnant: A Guide to Exercising Safely

Nine months of pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to have nine months without exercise. Here are six safe exercises to take you through each trimester.

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Brain Cancer Risk Factors

Radiation therapy used to treat brain cancers increases the risk of brain tumors up to 20 or 30 years later.