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Do you know someone who is really into yoga, but are unsure of what to get them? Here are some great gift ideas.

Q&A With a a School Psychologist

To help you and your child get the school year off to a strong start, HealthCentral lined up a team of ADHD experts to answer your questions. Here are responses during a recent live discussion with Paula Gardner, a school psychologist with over 20 ye...

10 ADHD Terms Parents Should Know

An accommodation is a change to procedures used in the classroom or in the school. Children with ADHD often receive accommodations such as extra time to take tests, seating in the front of the classroom, having a classroom assistant tasks, receiving ...

5 Tips for Dealing with Depression at Work

Work is more than just income. It’s a great source of self-esteem and can make you feel you’re accomplishing something important–feelings that especially vital for people with depression. Here are five ways for coping with your depression at work.

10 Things You Shouldn't Say to Someone With Depression

More than 14 million Americans suffer from clinical depression, but much about it is still misunderstood. Here’s a sampling of what not to say.

Which Psoriasis Treatment Option is for You?

Psoriasis affects everyone differently, making it particularly difficult to treat. Fortunately a variety of treatment options exist ranging from over-the-counter topicals with the ability to reduce symptoms like itching and flaking skin, to bioligcs ...

Understanding Eye Strain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans experiences eye strain from looking at digital device screens.

Best Exercise for MS (Infographic)

Exercise is an essential part of managing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis as well as slowing down it’s progression. Try these seven exercises to work your way towards living better with MS today.

5 Ways Yoga Helps Kids with ADHD

Sure you’ve heard how yoga is good for your physical and mental health. But what about its effects on children with ADHD? This infographic breaks down the benefits.