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Amanda was an editor and graphic designer for HealthCentral.

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8 Yoga Positions to Relax in 10 Minutes

This simple yoga sequence, including eight easy positions, can reduce anxiety and stress in a flash and can be done almost anywhere.

10 ADHD LIfestyle Tips

10 Adult ADHD LIfestyle Tips

Need a roadmap to navigate adult ADHD? This infographic is full of tips to help you manage your condition.

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9 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Affecting the Medical Field

Robotic science has always been a basis for Hollywood entertainment, Sci-Fi novels and childhood fantasies. Artificial intelligence isn’t a new concept, and while the technology hasn’t advanced to Spielbergian expectations, AI is being used to transf...

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Ways to Stop Stressing Out

Feeling tense? Extreme stress can make you feel like there is nothing you can do, but here are some strategies to stop stressing out once and for all.

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Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Yogi Friend

Do you know someone who is really into yoga, but are unsure of what to get them? Here are some great gift ideas.

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Q&A With a a School Psychologist

To help you and your child get the school year off to a strong start, HealthCentral lined up a team of ADHD experts to answer your questions. Here are responses during a recent live discussion with Paula Gardner, a school psychologist with over 20 ye...

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10 ADHD Terms Parents Should Know

An accommodation is a change to procedures used in the classroom or in the school. Children with ADHD often receive accommodations such as extra time to take tests, seating in the front of the classroom, having a classroom assistant tasks, receiving ...

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5 Tips for Dealing with Depression at Work

Work is more than just income. It’s a great source of self-esteem and can make you feel you’re accomplishing something important–feelings that especially vital for people with depression. Here are five ways for coping with your depression at work.

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10 Things You Shouldn't Say to Someone With Depression

More than 14 million Americans suffer from clinical depression, but much about it is still misunderstood. Here’s a sampling of what not to say.

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How Much Do You Know About Bipolar Disorder?

True or False: Bipolar disorder only affects adults