Amanda Page, Editor

Amanda is a former editor for HealthCentral.

Why Antioxidants Are Good for You (Infographic)

We hear all the time that antioxidants are good for our health, but what does “antioxidant” even mean? More importantly, why do we need to rid our bodies of oxidants? This infographic breaks down the basics and provides a guide for a few key antioxid...
Amanda Page

Feeling Out of Sorts Lately?

Are you experiencing seasonal depression? Here is an infographic to help you identify the symptoms and better manage it until spring.
Amanda Page

Skinny Seasonal Cocktails (INFOGRAPHIC)

The holidays are rapidly arriving and let’s be honest, we all intend on indulging in the festivities. Whether you are hosting or attending a holdiay party, there are some lighter concoctions you can indulge in. Here are some ‘skinnier’ cocktails to c...
Amanda Page

How Anxiety Affects Your Health

Chronic stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on just about every part of the body. This infographic provides advice on how to reduce the strain on your heart.
Amanda Page

Atrial Fibrillation: “Learn What You Can” (VIDEO)

Sue Miller says she’s always learning new things about atrial fibrillation. She describes it as “an odd condition that doesn’t have an easy solution” and she believes it’s important to have a contingency plan. Here’s how she does it.
Amanda Page