Amanda Page, Editor

Amanda is a former editor for HealthCentral.

10 Confidence Boosters That Work

A hidden culprit of mental health issues is low self-esteem. This infographic provides a few simple ways to lift your confidence and mood.
Amanda Page

7 Common Bipolar Myths

Bipolar disorder is often a sadly misunderstood mental health condition colored by myths and misconceptions. The following video breaks down the facts.
Amanda Page

What Are Your Treatment Options?

Dr. Jerry Kennard, psychologist and Associate Fellow and Chartered member of the British Psychological Society, provides some expertise and insight into the diagnosis and treatment of Bipolar Disorder. What causes bipolar disorder? We don’t really kn...
Amanda Page

The Health Benefits of Whole Grains (INFOGRAPHIC)

There are two types of grains-whole grains and refined grains. Eating whole grains in particular is linked to improved health and even the reduction of some chronic diseases. Grains can provide many nutrients that are vital for the maintenance of our ...
Amanda Page

Lifestyle Tips for Living with Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disease that makes patients feel like it can dominate their lives and limit their options. Here are ways a person with psoriasis can get back control of his or her body.
Amanda Page