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Healthier Heart Challenge: Change Up Your Diet

In week three of the challenge, we examine diet, which can be one of the hardest changes you make. Try adding these heart-healthy food choices to get started.

Your Microbiome and the Yo-yo Effect

Do you feel like your dieting efforts are like a merry-go-round that you can’t get off? Find out how your microbiome might be affecting your weight changes.

Obesity Subtype Can Affect Bariatric Surgery Results

A large analysis suggests that the weight loss outcomes and success of bariatric surgery may depend on the subtype of obesity you have.

Catching Your Breath With Lung Cancer

A common side effect of lung cancer is shortness of breath, which can be uncomfortable and even frightening. Here are some ways to manage the challenge.

Does Childhood Abuse Complicate Bariatric Surgery Results

Bariatric surgery complications may be more common for obese people who have experienced childhood physical or sexual abuse research suggests.

Are You Getting Sound, Science-based Nutrition Advice?

Major journal retractions have called into question some popular nutrition research. Do you know how to tell the difference between good and bad food science?

The Link Between Prediabetes and Male Infertility

Is there a connection between high blood sugar affect men’s sexual health? Find out what research suggests about prediabetes and male fertility.

Risk for Leukemia Genetic But Not Hereditary

Leukemia is considered a gene-related disease, but usually is not hereditary—meaning, it can’t be inherited from parent to child.

Leukemia Comes in a Dizzying Variety of Types

Understanding more about the type of leukemia you have can help you make treatment decisions and get a clearer sense of your prognosis.

Relative Fat Mass (RFM): The New BMI?

Is relative fat mass (RFM) a better indicator of body fat than the classic BMI? Researchers think it may be more reliable and much simpler to use.