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Stopping Diabetes Medications: Risks and Rewards

It can be tempting to stop taking type 2 diabetes medication. Learn about the risks of discontinuing your medicine and ways to possibly reduce the need for them.

Race Affects Breast Cancer Chemo Completion

New research suggests that non-white women are less likely to complete the full-term course of chemotherapy to treat their breast cancer. What gives?

Can A Diabetes Diagnosis Offer Benefits to Others?

A diabetes diagnosis in one person may help spur behavior changes in a partner. Learn how families and friends can make healthy lifestyle changes together.

12-Month Plan for a Lighter, Healthier You This Year

Tough time losing weight? Maybe you’re trying to change too many habits at the same time. Try this 12-month approach to make steady progress.

Finally Winning the War on Weight: Judy’s Story

Losing weight after menopause and keeping it off long-term was a challenge for Judy. Learn how she was able to achieve her goals with the help of a close friend.

How to Decline Trigger Foods During Holiday Events

Trigger foods act like a drug during stressful holidays, calming us down and keeping us in control of our feelings, but they also cause harmful side effects.

Low Carb Vs. High Carb Diets: Long-term Impacts

Low carb diets are popular for weight loss and diabetes management. Learn how they compare to modern high carb diets and about their long-term impacts.

Mindfulness Technique Lowers Stress, Blood Sugar Levels, Improve Weight in Women

A new study suggests that mindfulness techniques can be greatly beneficial to lowering blood sugar and helping women to make strides toward their weight goals.

Mental Illness and Bariatric Surgery: A No Go?

Surgeons may be refusing to consider candidates with mental illness for bariatric surgery.

Avoiding 'Step Reduction' and Diabetes Risks

Just two weeks of inactivity increases risks associated with diabetes. Learn how to avoid step reduction and increase your daily activities.