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Pantry and Fridge Spring Cleaning: Ticket to Weight Loss

Springtime is the perfect time to focus on cleaning and organizing your fridge and pantry. Try these tips to help create order in your kitchen and inspire weight loss.

How Virtual Reality (VR) Can Treat PTSD

VR allows a person to confront reminders of trauma “safely” and deal with those exposures.

Recipe for Weight Loss, Glucose Control Lies in Meal Size

A 2018 study suggests that not only what you eat, but how much you eat and when may have significant effects on weight loss and blood glucose control.

Young, Obese, and 'At Risk' for Sudden Cardiac Death

A 2018 study on sudden cardiac death (SCD) in young people has identified risk factors, such as obesity, that may help improve screening and prevention.

Can’t Lose Weight? Are You Metabolically Flexible?

“Metabolically flexible” means your body can easily switch between fuels and efficiently burn them.

Lesson from President Trump: Healthy Obesity?

Reflecting on the President Trump’s excellent health assessment, is there such a thing as healthy obesity?

Best Fruit Choices if You Have Diabetes

Fruit is not off limits if you have diabetes, even though some fruits have more carbs or sugar than others. Try adding these healthy fruit choices to your diet.

How to Handle Weight Gain at Menopause

Learn why you may struggle with weight during midlife and get strategies to help.

"Diet" of Adequate Sleep May Reduce Sugar Intake

Too little sleep on a regular basis has been linked to a risk of developing obesity.

Using Petroleum Jelly and Other Skin Healers

Petroleum jelly can be used for dry skin, chafing, diaper rash, and even preventing brittle nails. When petroleum jelly doesn’t work, maybe one of these other skin healers will!