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5-Week Heart Health Challenge

Try this 5 week heart health challenge to help you make real changes that can improve your lifestyle in ways that promote heart health.

The Evolving Subtypes of Diabetes

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the most commonly discussed forms of diabetes, but research is uncovering new subtypes of the disease.

How Your Diet Can Help Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are on the rise, and it may be all because of what we eat. Here's what you can do to prevent them.

Healthier Heart Challenge: Get Your Best Sleep

In week four of the challenge, we look at ways to eliminate bad habits that prevent you from getting your best sleep.

The Hazards of Weight Stigma for Young People

It’s important to understand the emotional hazards that weight stigma creates.

Healthier Heart Challenge: Get Your Engines Running

In week two of the challenge, you will set new goals to improve heart health through walking and aerobic exercise.

Bariatric Surgery Benefits For Diabetes

A new study is the first to show that weight-loss surgery can have a prolonged positive impact on type 2 diabetes.

Learn From My Recent Mammogram Experience

The technician? She was texting. The radiologist? There wasn’t one on site. Here’s what Amy wants you to learn from her mammogram story.

Good News for Women on Menopause Hormone Therapy

If you’re struggling with hot flashes and vaginal symptoms, is hormone therapy right for you? New guidelines say it’s not as risky as once thought.

Healthier Heart Challenge: Check Your Vitals

Start the first week of the heart health challenge by scheduling an appointment with your doctor to help you assess your heart health status so you can begin changing your habits.