Amy Riolo

Amy Riolo is an award-winning author, chef, and television personality. She is best known for teaching about culture, nutrition, and diabetes-friendly eating through global cuisine. Her book, The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook, won the 2011 Nautilus Book Award.

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Pepper, tomato, and artichoke salad is a good dish for a diabetes diet.
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Fresh, Taste Diabetes Friendly Salad Recipe

If you live with diabetes, add this pepper, tomato, and artichoke salad into your diabetes diet routine.

Blood orange salad is part of a healthy diabetes diet.
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Diabetes Diet: Blood Orange Salad

Looking for new recipes to include in your diabetes meal plan? This blood orange salad is beautiful, delicious, and packed with soluble fiber and vitamin C.

Beet, quinoa, and arugula salad is a balanced meal for a diabetes diet.
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Diabetes Diet: Beet, Quinoa, Arugula Salad

Peppery arugula adds a perfect balance to the sweet beets in this salad, and nutty quinoa provides a protein boost.