Ann Bartlett, Patient Expert

Ann wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Diabetes.

A New Way to Check Blood Sugar

A new technology using temporary tattoos is being developed to allow people to check blood sugar levels without having to prick their fingers over and over.
Ann Bartlett

The Smart Insulin Pen: Pendiq

Pens are a device that we kind of don’t think about or talk about. Most of the conversation about delivery systems is left to talking about pump technology. However, pens are a basic device delivery system that I feel has missed the mark for people w...
Ann Bartlett

The Evolution of Anti-CD3 Antibody Clinical Trial

Evolution is sometimes a controversial term, but in medical science, evolution means progress and better understanding. A couple of years ago, I wrote about the sad news of the anticd3 trials that failed to make their end points. Three separate trial...
Ann Bartlett

Nanogel for Diabetes Treatment

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of atomic and molecular matter. In medical research, nanotechnology has begun to show many possibilities – from helping to revolutionize drug delivery, diagnostics and gene therapy. In Greek, nano means "dwarf....
Ann Bartlett