Ann Bartlett, Patient Expert

Ann wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Diabetes.

Perimenopause and Diabetes

Hot flashes and night sweats are the two hallmark symptoms of perimenopause. They also happen to be the hallmark symptoms of low blood sugar for someone with type 1 diabetes. When the wind begins to blow and change is in air, what’s a girl to do? Kno...
Ann Bartlett

Diabetes Summer Travel Gear: Carrying Bags and Purses

Diabetes can be a drag on so many levels, but traveling can create the overwhelm to take the word vacation and turn it into hell, but not for the temperature Injectable insulin needs to be considered because it doesn’t like heat and sun. Pumps can ge...
Ann Bartlett

The Diabetes Rebellion - Who is in Control?

I think it is safe to say that everyone living with diabetes has a time of rebellion. Many people think teens are the most vulnerable to suffer rebellion, however they are not alone. Different ages have different kinds of rebellious behavior. No matt...
Ann Bartlett

Caring for Your Insulin - The Basics

Insulin. The word is like an eye, nose, or ear to me, but how much do I know about taking care of my liquid lifeline? Those precious vials and pens that keep us happy and healthy? This question occurred to me when I visiting with family and my brothe...
Ann Bartlett

Type 1 Diabetes and Dead in Bed Syndrome

This week has been a difficult week for the diabetes community, when it was revealed that young girl of 13 never woke up. There have been 4 deaths of type 1 teens recently reported and many of us remember Cynthia Kahn who passed away earlier this yea...
Ann Bartlett