Ann Bartlett, Patient Expert

Ann wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Diabetes.

Poor Diabetes Management: What I Had To Learn the Hard Way

_This is the second part of the series, Misdiagnosed Gallbladder Leads To Better Diabetes Management _ Six years ago, my husband and I were invited over to another couple’s house for 4th of July. We had great food, great wine, thoroughly enjoying the ...
Ann Bartlett

Low Blood Sugar and Double Vision

I got an email from my pal, Ginger She told me that a week ago she had a really low blood sugar and her vision was really weird. Her friend was passing her gluten free macaroons and she couldn’t focus on her. Ginger wrote, “Yeah, my friend Rachel was ...
Ann Bartlett

Yoga Versus Pilates

Yoga vs. Pilates In David’s recent post on yoga someone raised the question of yoga or Pilates, which is better? My first exposure to Pilates was in 1990, when I met a guy who opened a fitness center for elite athletes in Boulder, Colorado. The cente...
Ann Bartlett

Massage and Body Work for the Diabetic Body

A couple of weeks ago, I was having coffee with another massage therapist and she made the comment, “You don’t have the tough tissue I feel in other diabetics.” I’ve heard this before, but never thought to blog about the issue. However, it is a good ...
Ann Bartlett

Diabetes and Frozen Shoulder

A year ago, I was walking my two dogs at the beach when one lurched in one direction and other decided to swing around behind me to catch up to the other. The result was one heck of a sore shoulder For nearly 2 weeks I had trouble moving my shoulder ...
Ann Bartlett

Diabetic Mastopathy

In 1988, I developed a lump in my right breast. I was in my mid twenties and while I pointed it out to my doctors – no one was alarmed. Finally in 1991, I started to have some pain associated and I decided to take it more seriously and sought the con...
Ann Bartlett