Ashley Maltz, M.D.

Ashley Maltz, M.D.

Medical Reviewer

Dr. Maltz is Board-Certified in Internal & Integrative Medicine. With her background in various healing modalities, Dr. Maltz uses her knowledge of both complementary and mainstream medical traditions to offer up-to-date and individualized health care for her patients. She offers integrative primary care, integrative medicine consultations, medical acupuncture, trigger point injections, mind-body medicine, clinical nutrition and natural chronic disease management with evidence-based tools.

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Dream Big—and Get There

Dream Big: Meditate Daily

Meditation has a bunch of benefits, but the one all of us could probably use right now, is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. So, if you try this step-by-step 30 day challenge for no other reason, try it for your peace of mind and the break that a mindfulness practice gives your over-worked nervous system.

Dream Big—and Get There

Dream Big: Hold a Plank for Two Minutes Straight

The longer you hold a plank, the more benefits you get, which of course is easier said than done. But, our month long plan will help.

whole grain bread
Dream Big—and Get There

Dream Big: Eat the Entire Food Pyramid

Feel like you've been eating (you fill in the blank with the food) for 232 days in a row...because it's quick and easy and it gets the job done? Hit the reset button with this four-week plan designed to get you eating from every section of the food pyramid (or the MyPlate). Bonappetit!

40 Pushups in 90 Seconds
Dream Big—and Get There

Dream Big: 40 Pushups in 90 Seconds

This 4-week plan will take you step by step through form, function and a few brilliant tricks, so that you can go from 0 to 40 push-ups in a week.

finish line
Dream Big—and Get There

Dream Big—and Get There This Month

Welcome to our HealthCentral series, where we challenge you to a big goal every month—then help you get there through actionable steps on Move-the-Needle Mondays each week. Whether your dreams of self-improvement involve fitness, food, or feeling your emotional best, we’ve got something for you. Let’s get started!

pelvic pain
Sexual Health

Should You See a Pelvic Floor Therapist?

This little-known powerhouse of medical intervention can help people with urinary incontinence, bowel dysfunction, or pelvic pain.

climbing stairs
Dream Big—and Get There

Ready, Set, Move-the-Needle Monday!

Are you ready for week two of your Dream Big challenge? Let’s get serious about more pushups, less sugar, and better sleep, starting now.

health apps
Women's Health

6 Awesome Health Apps for Virtual Care

Plan a family, share a symptom with a doctor remotely, do an EKG reading at home, and more.