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Do you have questions about Migraine? Reader questions are answered by UCNS certified Migraine and headache specialist Dr. David Watson, and award-winning patient educator and advocate Teri Robert.

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Is It Safe to Quickly Stop Taking Topamax for Migraine?

Question: This is a question that we recently encountered online. Since it’s a common question, we felt it appropriate to answer it here as well. I’ve been taking Topamax for migraine prevention. Started at 25 mg per day and tapered up by adding 25 m...

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Does the Lemon Juice and Salt Migraine Remedy Work?

Full Question: I often see people online touting a lemon juice and salt remedy for migraines. It’s comprised of 2 teaspoons of Himalayan crystal salt mixed with 1 cup of lemon juice with the lemon zest and 1 cup of water. What’s your take on this? Th...

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Botox to Treat Migraine

Botox can indeed help to treat chronic migraine—but how much and how often should you go? The experts weigh in!

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Pain in neck, shoulders, head; nausea, short of breath, other symptoms?

Full Question: Hello, I have been having sharp throbbing pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. This pain has been going on for a few weeks. I also have bad pain all around the top of my head. The pain occurs at night and in the morning when I ...

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Headache for 6 months; CT, MRI, and CBC normal. What's wrong?

Full Question: hi. I m 25 years old male. I have headache for 6 month. I feel dizzy some times. Including vision problem such as blurred vision ,zigzag line, also have ear ache and ringing in my ear, tooth ache ,neck pain, chest pain, burning sensati...

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Nagging headache following cardiac catheterization?

Full Question: Hello I had a cardiac catheterization procedure done about a week ago, and I noticed that 4 days later I started having a nagging headache around the left temple area with a little tenderness in that area should I be concerned? Lois. F...

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Jaw and head pain on right side, worsened by bending down?

Full Question: Hi good day sir/mam, I’ve been experiencing this pain a while now. My jaw and head hurts but only On the left side. For instance if I bend down with my head facing downwards and raise back up it pains a lot for a minute or two then sli...

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Can a Migraine last for a week or more?

Full Question: Can a migraine last for a week or more? Mary. Full Answer: Dear Mary; Excellent question! The simple answer is, “Yes,” but there’s more to it than that. The “normal” time for a migraine to last is four to 72 hours. If a migraine stops ...

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Sinus headaches mid-afternoon?

Full Question: I get sinus headaches mid-afternoon. What can I do, or use To eliminate this problem? Gerry. Full Answer: Dear Gerry; Unless you have a sinus infection, it’s highly unlikely that these are sinus headaches. Studies have shown that the v...

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How many days in a row can I safely take Imitrex?

Full Question: How many days in a row can I safely take Imitrex. I take Imitrex 100 mg tabs. I’m trying to break up rebound migraines after taking Fioricet with codeine. Also, how many days to I need to be off painkillers (mainly Fioricet) to stop th...