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Migraine Preventive Meds in Same Family?

Dr. David Watson and Teri Robert answer a question about Migraine preventives in the same family.

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How Can Coughing Trigger a Migraine?

Dr. David Watson and Teri Robert answer a reader question about why coughing can trigger a Migraine.

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Can Magnesium Trigger a Migraine?

Dr. David Watson and Teri Robert answer a reader question about magnesium supplements as a migraine trigger.

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Which Type and How Much Magnesium for Migraine?

Question: Hello, Teri and Dr. Watson. I’ve seen many online conversations about taking magnesium for migraine prevention. In those conversations, many different forms of magnesium are discussed, along with many different dosage levels. I recently dis...

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Could I Have Developed New Migraine Triggers?

Question: I’ve had migraines for around 40 years now. At first, doctors just gave me prescriptions for pain pills that I absolutely hated. My neurologist “fired” me several years ago because I questioned the pain pills, and that ended up being a good ...

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Is It Safe to Quickly Stop Taking Topamax for Migraine?

Question: This is a question that we recently encountered online. Since it’s a common question, we felt it appropriate to answer it here as well. I’ve been taking Topamax for migraine prevention. Started at 25 mg per day and tapered up by adding 25 m...

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Migraine Plus Other Headaches - Ice Pick Headache?

Question: Hello. I’ve had migraines without aura for over 20 years. Lately, I’ve been having headaches that my neurologist insists are ice pick headaches, but I’m not sure he’s right. I know you can’t diagnose me, but would you read my description an...

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Should I Try the Spring Device for Migraine If Cefaly Failed?

Question: I’m confused about something and hope you can help. I’ve been using the Cefaly and have been reading about the Spring device. Do they work the same? Should I try the Spring even if the Cefaly isn’t doing me any good? Thank you, Cheryl. Answ...

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Why Should I Travel to a Migraine Specialist?

Question: I’ve been seeing the same neurologist for my migraines for around 15 years. In that period of time, I’ve taken propranolol, gabapentin, amitriptyline, and venlafaxine as migraine preventives. My neurologist also did three treatments of 16 B...

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Nearly Daily Use of Naproxen Sodium and Medication Overuse Headache?

Question: Will taking naproxen sodium nearly daily cause medication overuse headache? I have had two treatments with Botox, take verapamil 240 mg daily for migraine prevention, and take rizatriptan no more than twice a week. I have headache daily, wi...