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Lexapro and lower back pain?

Question: Susan wrote… The other day I sat down and read my side effects to the med Lexapro. While reading the some of the effects I found one symptom that I didn’t know that can affect your life. The symptom was lower back pain. Now I have been taki...

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Lost and do not know why

Question: Ledouix wrote… I have a few questions about the drug prozac. I would like to know long term side affects to a person who has taken it for ten years. What affects on a liver that has been laserated almost in half and repaired. This happened ...

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Is Celexa prescribed by physicians for a migraine headache?

Question: Susie wrote… Hello, Can anyone tell me whether Celexa is prescribed by physicians for a migraine headache. I have a friend that is telling me that he takes for headaches only and not for depression. It is currently being administered daily ...

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Any good substitutes that are all natural for Effexor XR

Question: Margie wrote… Any good substitutes that are all natural for Effexor XR? I have been suffering with depression from age 13. I have also been on either Xanax or clonazepam since then also… I find the only drug that seems to lift me out of it ...

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Lifelong major depression... is there a cure?

Question: popeye wrote… Lifelong major depression…is there a cure? I have dealt with major depression and PTSD since I was 10 yrs old. The depressions last 3-6 years. i was not diagnosed or treated until I was in my 20’s. Some AD’s have helped but it ...

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Withdrawal symptoms of Wellbutrin?

Question: mrst53 asked… My husband has PTSD and has been taking, I think 150mg or 200mg of Wellbutrin each day. He had a CT scan done and decided to stop taking the meds because of the chance of a seizure (his decision not the doc). He has not starte...

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Not getting relief from Xanax, antidepressants causing tension and nausea?

Question: jayhawk1 asked… In the last year my husband and I separated under good terms- I have always been a nervous person- and this made it worse. My doctor gratefully put me on Xanax .5mg at first I only took them occasionally then in the last yea...

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Feeling mean and angry after taking Wellbutrin?

Question: Samantha Johnson asked… An hour after I take my Wellbutrin I feel so happy and outgoing and am willing to do anything. But after about an hour I feel mean and angry and just want to be left alone. But if my family leaves me alone I feel lik...