Avery Hurt

Avery Hurt has written health and science articles for many years for a variety of publications including Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Eating Well, Health, Medical Economics, and Physicians Practice. She is the author of Bullet with Your Name on It: What You Will Probably Die from and What You Can Do about It, and numerous books for young readers.

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Could Cocoa Help Beat MS Fatigue?

Curling up with a nice cup of hot chocolate can warm and comfort you. It may also help decrease MS-related fatigue.

close up of eye crying

It's Ok to Cry: How to Adjust to SPMS

Learning you have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis can take a serious emotional toll. We asked a psychologist to share his best advice for how to get through.

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Diagnosed with Active SPMS? You've Got Options

The FDA recently approved two new drugs that give people with active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis more treatment choices than ever.

Doctor using a tablet to explain information to a senior patient

Bladder Cancer: It Takes a Team

A variety of experts will work with you during diagnosis and treatment.

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Sleep Solutions

There are more ways to tackle insomnia than you might think.

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Insomnia 101

Sleepless? You're not alone. More than one-third of Americans rate their sleep as "poor" or "only fair."

Beaks and test tubes signifying scientific research.

The Latest Therapies for Bladder Cancer

Learn about the most promising new therapies and treatment combinations for treating advanced bladder cancer.

Patient receiving an infusion.

Myriad Treatment Options for MS

Doctors have more and more ways to treat MS.

Kelsey Mitchell, a nurse who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Finding Joy with MS

With resilience and grace, this nurse with MS takes on challenges, gives back, and knows when to say no.

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5 Lifestyle Strategies for Parkinson's

Here are five complementary health approaches that your Parkinson’s disease treatment can benefit from.