Beth Howard

Patient Expert

Beth Howard is a health writer based in Charlotte, NC. She writes about health, medicine, and health care for publications including U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, and Prevention Magazine.

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woman experiencing neck pain

10 Uncommon Psoriatic Arthritis Complications

Flare-ups and joint pain are regular occurances with psoriatic arthritis, but how many of these uncommon PsA complications have you experienced?

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To the Heights With MS

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Insomnia Lesson Plan

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Therapy Was My Game Changer

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Info-Armed for Bladder Cancer

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Nurse reassuring multiple sclerosis patient.

At the Doctor's

Getting the right care can make a world of difference in your MS.

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Staying the Course with Bladder Cancer

With many treatment advances in recent years, people like Steve Shulman are discovering that they can live well after a bladder cancer diagnosis.