Beth Howard, Patient Expert

Beth wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Diabetes and MS.

Living With MS

Working fulltime as a Lutheran pastor, 38-year-old Naomi Sease Carriker sets boundaries, practices self-care, and lives one day at a time.
Beth Howard

MS Basics

Knowing which symptoms to expect and taking an active role in your own care can greatly improve your quality of life with Multiple Sclerosis.
Beth Howard

Staying the Course

With the many treatment advances in recent years, people like Steve Shulman are discovering that they can live well after a bladder cancer diagnosis.
Beth Howard

Living Her Best Life

Professional dancer Pamela Quinn teaches others with Parkinson’s how to manage the disease through movement.
Beth Howard

Thriving with MS

Lisa Emrich was playing the French horn at a concert in 2005 when two of her fingers on her left hand suddenly went numb. “I couldn’t feel my fingertips and realized I didn’t know where the keys were,” she says. She muddled through the performance, b...
Beth Howard