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Living with Severe Complications

Sometimes the side effects of rheumatoid arthritis and the complications of the disease can be confused. Here’s how they’re different.

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Living with Severe Side Effects

Taking medications for RA brings necessary relief, but some of them can also cause serious side effects. Here’s what you should know.

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RA and Lung Disease: What You Should Know

This year has been a rough one for me to say the least. I have been hospitalized four times and placed in a nursing home for recovery once. All of that happened in the first six months of the year Finally my doctors and I saw the correlation between ...

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The Importance of Pneumonia and Influenza Vaccines

There is a lot of buzz every year about “The Flu Shot.” The debate rages every fall, “should I or should I not get the vaccine?” There are more opinions than you could shake a stick at, but I would like to focus on just a couple of the ones I hear al...

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RA Lung: What Is It?

If you have had RA for any length of time and did research on it online, you have undoubtedly seen a link for the term RA Lung. I know I have seen it many times, and breezed right past it. I believe I had clicked on it once as I know it refers to RA ...

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Lets Talk About Pain Medications

If you suffer from pretty much any sort of Arthritis, auto immune such as RA, PsA, AS etc, or good old OA, the wear and tear sort of arthritis, you are no stranger to pain. One thing I have noticed over and over in support groups around the internet ...

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Can You Stretch Your Prescription Dollar?

Well, the simple answer is YES With some shopping around and doing some investigating, you can stretch your rx dollars. Several years ago I went on Long Term Disability and SSDI which led me to Medicare. The first thing I found out was that I either ...

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Sleep and Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you are anything like me, sleep comes hard with RA. I never had an issue with sleep until I was in my first full-blown RA flare and coincidentally or not, started treatment for RA at the same time. I know many of the meds used for RA, some nearly ...

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How Can You Get Back Into the Hobbies You Love?

If you are anything like me, advancing RA stole away the hobbies I have loved for many, many years. I have been a woodworker and crafter for nearly 30 years, building everything from toys to an addition on our home. The DX of RA and the aggressivenes...