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Be Smart with IBD During the Holidays

Right around the last two months of every year, the pressure to celebrate with friends and family is ramped up more than normal — and most of these celebrations center around food. For someone with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, the holidays ...

IBD: Confidence Breeds Healthy Relations

At times I just stayed at home and told myself, “A social life isn’t for me right now.” But I also told myself, “Maybe one day.”

IBD and the Power of Routines

Living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can be like riding a roller coaster that never ends. Living like this makes it extremely hard for a patient to get into a routine that can improve his or her life. As soon as you think you have a rou...

Winter Activities With IBD

Many people have an urge to go outside and enjoy winter activities. But with IBD, the prospect can be frightening. The anxiety can build quickly, until you’re saying to yourself, “I just can’t enjoy the winter months." The fact of the matter is ...

8 Ways To Be A Champion Of Your IBD

As IBD patients, we can feel alone. At a young age we are taught not to discuss what happens behind a bathroom door. This can leave us feeling extremely isolated. But we don’t have to be alone. It’s important for us to create a powerful and strong su...

Tackling IBD 12 Weeks at a Time

Recently I was asked to read a book called The 12 Week Year by Brian T. Moran, and it has changed my life.

6 Ways to Do Away With the Dark Clouds

Ever feel like there is nothing you can do in order to reach a better quality of life with your IBD?

The IBD Merry-go-round

Recently, I was walking my dog around a park and saw a group of kids running around a merry-go-round. I watched as they played on it. Sometimes everything was going smoothly, the kids were running properly, and the merry-go-round was spinning fast. T...

Crohn’s, UC and The Changing Seasons

Many IBD patients who live in areas like the Northeast, or anywhere else with changing seasons, talk about how their Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis worsens during these times.

10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery

This is extremely important. You must go into surgery with confidence. You also need to know what is happening during the surgery so you’ll wake up ready to recover.