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Join the #ChronicLife Movement

Tweeting about living with a chronic illness like RA has inspired many people in the social media community. Find out how to make your voice heard.

Practical Tips for Managing RA Pain

First, we have to recognize that we’re in pain. Sounds silly, right? Wrong.

Becoming an Adult With JA

Growing up with juvenile arthritis (JA) is difficult. But there are strategies for making the transition from a child to an adult with a chronic illness.

Meet Our Social Ambassador

RA contributor Britt Johnson introduces her exciting role as a social media ambassador for HealthCentral.

Caregiving with RA: This Is What We Do Now

As I balanced myself like a monkey atop my kitchen countertops to reach the top shelf and wipe it free of potential gluten contaminants, I understood love on a new level. I am no longer the only chronic patient in my marriage, I am also a caregiver - ...

The Anxiety of Pain

Chronic pain from RA can often cause stress as well. But there are ways to handle anxiety around your pain.

"I'm Fine" (AKA I'm Most Definitely Not Fine)

Here is how to stop saying these two words and start accepting the help and support you need and deserve.

Motherhood with RA

Being pregnant while living with RA can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to stop you from having children.

How My Journey With Arthur (Arthritis) Began

I am a lover of the big blue–open expanses of healing waters, frigid vistas of towering mountains, endless skies that allow me to get lost in daydreams. It’s rather ironic, then, that I have lived 22 of my 29 years with a disease that is represented ...