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Diane Wolff in the kitchen.

Puree Chef Passes on Expertise and Recipes

Problems with swallowing? Pureed food can still taste good and look appetizing.

Home health check up, checking on mental health.

House Calls: Mental Health Care at Home

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Has Your Loved One Accused You of Stealing?

Memory loss can cause some dementia sufferers to wrongly accuse a caregiver of stealing.

"The Truth Is at My Front Door: Spiritual Direction on Aging Beautifully" book jacket.

Female, 85, and More Beautiful than Ever

At 85, author revels in the beauty of accumulated decades.

Senior walking with his caregiver.
Living With

The Stages of Alzheimer's and the Caregiver's Role

Here’s how people living with Alzheimer’s disease, and their families, can prepare for the future.

John Drake and Caregiver in Peru in 2011

Alzheimer’s Care in Peru: Better? Part 2

Alzheimer’s Care as Delivered in Peru vs. the U.S.

Barbara Drake and John Drake in 2012 image

Alzheimer’s Care in Peru: Better? Part 1

Alzheimer’s Care as Delivered in Peru vs. the U.S.

Family grieving at a funeral
Death & Dying

How to Deal with Conflicting End-of-Life Emotions

How to deal with mixed feelings of guilt, sadness, loss and even joy when losing a loved one after a battle with an illness.

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If Your Elder Is Lonely, Here’s How to Help

How to banish loneliness by helping elders remain part of the community.

Below view of female scientist looking through a microscope

To Donate or Not to Donate Your Body to Science

What’s the difference between donating organs and donating your whole body to science?