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Below view of female scientist looking through a microscope

To Donate or Not to Donate Your Body to Science

What’s the difference between donating organs and donating your whole body to science?

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Comfort a Grieving Friend with Your Words

How Your Words Could Offer Comfort or Increase Pain for the Bereaved

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Healthy Aging

Is Aging-in-Place Edging Out Assisted Living?

Aging-in-Place or Assisted Living: It’s About the Ability to Choose

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A Natural Approach to Brain Health

The biggest threat to brain health may be blood sugar levels, leading to diabetes.

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Age Does Not Have to Destroy Your Memory

Debunking Myths about Alzheimer’s and Reducing Your Own Risk

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Support Systems

Validating People With Dementia, a Vital Technique

Validation: Helping People With Dementia Preserve Calm and Dignity

Couple unloading boxes from moving van

Downsizing May Not Be Right Choice

Should you urge your parents to downsize or stand back while they do it their way?

Caregiver – woman helping senior man with shopping
Living With

Lewy Body Dementia Caregivers Share Experiences

Lewy Body Dementia: Caregivers Talk About Experiences, Frustrations, Adjustments

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Aging Parents? Get Financial Documents Handled Well Ahead of Crisis

Are you prepared to handle your parents’ finances if they get incapacitated mentally or physically?

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Support Systems

Be a Friend to an Isolated Caregiver

Do you have what it takes to be a true friend to a caregiver? These suggestions can guide you.