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Senior Lifestyle Advantage Magazine Focuses on Attitude Toward Aging

“At Senior Lifestyle Advantage magazine, we speak to those who are 55 and older, encouraging them to live a healthier, more balanced life with hope. Each issue shares expert advice, easy recipes, travel, and feature stories about living with joy.” Th...

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Aging with Ease: How Moving Right Can Make All the Difference

Most of us move and sit automatically without thinking of how it affects our bodies. With age, however, our habitual movements can translate into poor posture and sore or damaged joints. Mary Derbyshire has some words of wisdom to help us age with le...

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Q&A: How to Control Pain As You Age

If you're struggling with pain management as you get older, read this Q&A with Denis Patterson for medical and lifestyle advice that can help.

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Will You Have a Voice in How You Die?

Your health care and legal documents could determine if you live and die with dignity.

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Could Loneliness Be a Symptom of Dementia?

A study that concluded that dementia is the cause rather than the effect of loneliness has made many researchers and doctors take particular notice.

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The Dangerous Risks of Sedentary Lifestyles

A study has shown that people with a sedentary lifestyle face a similar risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease to those who have a genetic risk for the disease.

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Elderly Exercise May Help or Slow Memory Decline

The common view about memory loss is that nothing can be done to stop the decline or improve symptoms, but that thinking may outdated.

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Ageism in Hollywood: Unrealistic Images of Senior Health

How are older people portrayed in movies and on TV? Are they consistently cranky and the target of jokes or are they realistic in their variations?

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Protection for Nursing Home Residents: Will New Rules Remain?

Credit: iStock New rules for the protection of nursing home residents have been implemented as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Many of these rules provide answers to concerns that have troubled families with loved ones living in skilled nursin...

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6 Tips to Have More Fun While Caregiving

Many dementia caregivers feel as though they are treading water just to avoid sinking under the often exhausting pressures associated with dementia care. But consciously changing your attitude can, with practice, significantly change how your days, a...