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What My Chronic Illness Gave My Children

Children aren’t stripped from their childhood when a parent lives with a chronic illness. It can also give them strength and empathy.

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Chronic Illness Support From Afar

Even if your family lives far away, these are some of the ways they can still offer support for your chronic illness.

Alternative medicine treatments

From Natural Remedies to Medications for RA

Here's how I knew when it was time to move from natural remedies to medications for treating my rheumatoid arthritis.

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Helpful Tips to Stop Yo-Yo Exercising with RA

Are you yo-yo exercising because of rheumatoid arthritis? Follow these tips to make your exercise routine work for you.

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Concerned About Your New RA Diagnosis?

If you've been newly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, learn about common fears, concerns, and experiences from these people who have been through it.

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Dogs Are Great If You Have a Chronic Illness

With rheumatoid arthritis as part of her daily life, Cathy Kramer finds comfort, motivation, and a sense of community from her beloved border collie, Izzy.

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Are Those Symptoms RA or Menopause?

Experiencing menopause and RA at the same time? Here’s how to make sense of your body’s responses.