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Family Health

Chronic Pain and Travel: Planning Tips

In this installment of Chronic Pain and Travel, we explore how to make and execute a specific plan to meet your individual travel challenges.

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Navigating Chronic Pain When Planning for Travel

Learn to recognize “hazard signs” for travel planning and beyond with chronic illness, including anxiety, delays, and other factors.

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Chronic Pain, Women, and Words

How words women use to describe pain impact treatment.

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Women, Pain, Bias, and Discrimination

Is there a gender bias in treatment of women in pain?

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Chronic Life

A Profile of Chronic Pain

Q&A with Lacy Fowler, arachnoiditis advocate.

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Alternative and Complementary Medicine

If you live with chronic pain, learn how alternative and complementary medicines could help ease your pain.

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Women and Chronic Pain

Learn what research shows about how men and women experience pain, the types of chronic pain most common for women, and how treatment options may vary.

Fact From Fiction: Chronic Pain

Think you know fact from fiction in chronic pain? Read this slideshow to see.

Western Medicine: Combating Chronic Pain

If you are a person living with chronic pain, like me, you have probably been examined, evaluated, and diagnosed by a doctor that practices Western medicine referred to as conventional (traditional) or mainstream.

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Holistic Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

Learn about the traditional and alternative treatment options that can help with chronic pain, and how different approaches can work together.