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A happy couple laughing together.

Relationships and Disbelief With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can sometimes get in the way of your relationships, especially when it feels like your partner doesn't understand what you're going through.

A couple spending quiet time together.

8 Ways to Reclaim Romance With Chronic Pain

Relationships can be a challenge when you live with chronic pain, but these tips can help you nurture and promote companionship this Valentine’s Day.

A couple shaking hands with a doctor.

How to Find the Right Pain Doctor

Not all pain doctors are the same. Follow these tips to find the best one for you and your condition.

Fibromyalgia advocate Melissa Swanson reads a book to children.
Five Questions

Profiling Chronic Pain: Melissa Swanson

In this Q&A, fibromyalgia advocate Melissa Swanson discusses pain management in today's health care climate.

Holiday meal.

Holiday Safety: Preventing Foodborne Illness

During the holiday, we may be dining out more while shopping, or as we spend time in celebration. So, how can we prevent food poisoning during the holidays?

Older woman using a VR headset for chronic pain.

Can Virtual Reality Help Ease Chronic Pain?

Learn how virtual reality technology may help you cope with — and even treat — chronic pain.

A woman with chronic rib pain holds her side.

What's Causing This Chronic Rib Pain?

If you have chronic rib pain that seemingly doesn't have a cause, it could be one of these conditions. Learn what you can do to minimize it.

A woman doing a yoga pose at her desk.

Yoga and Chronic Pain

If you live with chronic pain, yoga can help reduce physical symptoms, while the meditative aspect of yoga can improve depression and sleep.

Medical marijuana.

Q&A: Marijuana and Chronic Pain Management

Learn how this pain doctor — and chronic pain patient — changed his mind about medical marijuana, and why he thinks cannabis is important for pain management.

Medical marijuana can be used for chronic pain.

13 Questions About Marijuana For Chronic Pain

Medical marijuana is gaining popularity in the U.S., especially for chronic pain. Get answers to 13 common questions about cannabis, hemp, and CBD.