Chris Regal, Editor

Christopher Regal is a former Web Producer for a variety of conditions on, including osteoarthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, Migraine, and prostate health. He edited, wrote, and managed writers for the website. He joined HealthCentral in November 2009 after time spent working for a political news organization. Chris is a graduate of the Catholic University of America and is a native of Albany, New York.

Just what is the Paleo diet?

It seems that every month a new fad diet comes along. Some involve eating one specific food over another and shaping a diet plan for your lifestyle, while others focus on total body health. Some are designed to help a person lose weight, others desig...
Chris Regal

WOW Chips and a Product That Is Too Good to Be True

I remember back in 1998, sitting in my school cafeteria, where a table was set up introducing students to a new product. WOW potato chips were fat free How could this even happen? Potato chips were long regarded as the junkiest of junk food – but now ...
Chris Regal

Try Exercising Without Music

Certainly working out to music has its benefits. I will openly admit – I work out with music. It can help you push your body harder, faster or get you to make that final push. But it can also have drawbacks. For one, working out with the music blarin...
Chris Regal