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Tips to Eat Less at Meals

Let’s face it: many people want to lose weight, but simply eating less is harder than it sounds. Here are a few tricks to cut back on how much you consume.

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What Makes You Eat More?

If you’re trying to cut down on your portion sizes, try these tips, including using a smaller plate.

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Cardiovascular exercise vs. high-intensity interval training

In the past, most recommendations for exercise have called for a certain number of hours dedicated to physical activity. For instance, published guidelines from the Health and Human Services Department in 2008 suggested 150 minutes of moderate exerci...

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Lesser-Known Benefits of Exercise

In a Colorado study, aerobic exercise was found to prevent and even reverse some of the brain damage caused by heavy drinking. While high alcohol consumption kills brain cells, exercise can help reduce the damage to the brain’s white matter. But that ...

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The Power of Brain Scans

It has only been a few decades since scientists have been able to begin to understand the inner workings of the human brain. But now the increasing sophistication of brain scans is enabling researchers to observe the brain as it’s functioning. While ...

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Just what is the Paleo diet?

It seems that every month a new fad diet comes along. Some involve eating one specific food over another and shaping a diet plan for your lifestyle, while others focus on total body health. Some are designed to help a person lose weight, others desig...

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WOW Chips and a Product That Is Too Good to Be True

I remember back in 1998, sitting in my school cafeteria, where a table was set up introducing students to a new product. WOW potato chips were fat free How could this even happen? Potato chips were long regarded as the junkiest of junk food – but now ...

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Risk Factors

Prostate Cancer and Race

African-American men have higher rates of prostate cancer and they're more likely to die from it. Here's what we know about the disparities.

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The Health Benefits of White Wine and Champagne

It’s now generally accepted that drinking a glass or two of red wine can have health benefits. Moderate red wine consumption has been found to help prevent heart attacks, increase the amount of HDL “good” cholesterol and decrease the chances of blood ...

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Try Exercising Without Music

Certainly working out to music has its benefits. I will openly admit – I work out with music. It can help you push your body harder, faster or get you to make that final push. But it can also have drawbacks. For one, working out with the music blarin...