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7-Minute Workouts You Can Do Every Day

Remember this move from gym class? Start with your feet together and hands at the sides. Jump into the air and spread your feet to a width wider than shoulder width. Lift your arms to the sides and touch them at the top. In one motion, jump and retur...

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12 Ways to Slow Mental Decline

A 2013 study from the University of California, Berkeley found that structural damage occurs in the brain naturally as you age, which interferes with sleep quality and can blunt your ability to store long-term memories. Structural changes cannot be r...

Doctor showing happy senior woman with hip replacement x-ray image.

The Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery: A HealthCentral Explainer

Getting a hip replacement is a major decision. How bad is your pain? If you opt for the surgery, you could be staring down a long and potentially difficult recovery. First, there’s the matter of preparing your body for the surgery (which may include ...

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What’s New in Lyme Disease Research

It is estimated that nearly one-quarter of all Lyme cases are initially misdiagnosed. Research from the University of Pennsylvania seems to have found a means to expedite the diagnosis process through the use of nanotechnology, injecting nanotubes lo...

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Do Airport X-Ray Scanners Cause Cancer? A HealthCentral Explainer

The other day, I was discussing a recent vacation to San Diego with a friend. This guy – let’s call him Don – is afraid that everything is going to give him cancer – he uses the lowest radiation cell phone on the market, for example, even though it i...

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What Causes ADHD: Myths vs. Facts

Countless theories exist about what causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children. Some blame environmental factors, including diet. Others point to genetics or say that it’s the product of factors while in the womb. Still others deny t...

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The Latest Prostate Cancer Research: Winter 2013

Deep fried food may raise prostate cancer risk. According to one study, men who ate deep fried food once a week raised their risks of prostate cancer by roughly 35 percent. When cooking at extremely high temperatures, such as when deep frying, potent...

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Nutrients for Peak Sexual Performance

These nutrients have been proven to boost men’s libido and sexual potential for peak performance according to scientific studies.

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Brain and Body Boosting Exercises

Some may think of exercise as a purely physical routine – walk, run, bike, and see physical results. However, the benefits stretch beyond just a tighter stomach or even a lower resting heart rate. Exercise can improve symptoms of countless conditions ...

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Hiccups: Causes, Treatment and Old Wives' Tales

We’ve all had them. We’ve all heard 1,000 different ways to get rid of them; some remedies work, some don’t. More often than not, they go away on their own. Rather than waste time (and energy) hic-ing throughout a day, find out what really works to t...