Chris Regal, Editor

Christopher Regal is a former Web Producer for a variety of conditions on, including osteoarthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, Migraine, and prostate health. He edited, wrote, and managed writers for the website. He joined HealthCentral in November 2009 after time spent working for a political news organization. Chris is a graduate of the Catholic University of America and is a native of Albany, New York.

Alternative Chronic Pain Treatments

When a patient is experiencing chronic pain, a simple diagnosis and treatment pattern is not always effective. Test your knowledge about alternative chronic pain treatments.
Chris Regal

Is a Gluten-Free Diet a Cure to ADHD? A HealthCentral Explainer

From time to time, someone will claim to have found a “cure” for ADHD. Some are behavioral strategies, some herbal supplements, while still others are diet-based. Recently, numerous sources have contended that ADHD could be a product of gluten intole...
Chris Regal