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Christina Bruni

Patient Expert

Christina Bruni wrote about schizophrenia for HealthCentral as a Patient Expert. She is a mental health activist and freelance journalist.

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Stress and Trauma Coping Skills for Schizophrenia Recovery

In light of the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks this SharePost will list tactics for healing trauma and coping with PTSD. The Mental Health Empowerment Project (MHEP) defines trauma as “extreme stress brought on by shocking or unexpecte...

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5 Strategies for Dealing with Paranoia

Paranoia is a common symptom of schizophrenia and can interfere with your daily life. Learn five coping strategies to keep your paranoia in check.

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Exposing Your Mental Illness in the Workplace

My schizophrenia diagnosis was disclosed via the employee newsletter. In 2004, I had won the NAMI-Staten Island Volunteer of the Year award for my “courageous accomplishments in improving the lives of people living with mental illnesses and their fam...

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Successful Employment with Schizophrenia

Here are some practical ways to find and succeed at a job with schizophrenia.

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5 Ways Schizophrenia Changes You

Schizophrenia is a life altering condition both mentally and physically. Here are the primary changes and what you can do to cope.

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Treating Depression with Schizophrenia

Depression is a common co-occurance with chronic illness - including schizophrenia. Here are some natural treatment methods.

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Getting Treatment You Deserve

Not all psychiatrists are created equal. Here are key factors to take into consideration when developing a schizophrenia treatment plan.

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5 Family Support Tips for Parents and Peers

I want to revisit the topic of family support for peers in recovery. What I write parents or peers can use interchangeably. Unconditional support is key in maintaining a healthy recovery in the long term. My mother, Mary Ann Bruni, drove me to the ho...

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Halting Psychosis With Fish Oil Supplements

At least nine years ago I reported on a study that indicated taking fish oil supplements can halt psychosis in individuals at risk of having a full-blown episode. Now a current study confirms that participants who took a 12-week course of Omega-3 fat...

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Schizophrenia, Citizenship, and Mental Health Reform

In the U.S. Senate and House three bills have been sponsored that seek to address the cracks in the broken-down mental health system in America. The Mental Health Reform Act of 2015 (S. 1945) includes proposals to: Permit same day billing in Medicaid ...